Kaotic Garage, Welcome!

Welcome to the Kaotic Garage. I have been a motor sports enthusiast for as long as I remember.  When I was a teenager, I was itching to get my driver’s license and have been driving ever since.  I have had some duds over the years, however, I have also had some good vehicles as well.  I have had a Toyota 4Runner and a Yamaha Raptor 350 and YFZ450 to name a few of my vehicles.  My current vehicles consists of:

My Buell Blast

I started the channel with just one vehicle.  I started with my 2008 Buell Blast, I call her Buella.

Buell Blast
Meet Buella, she is what started my channel.

I used Buella to start motovlogging and share my perspective on different topics and sharing some of the different parts of my local surroundings. I have used Buella to grow the channel to mostly what it is today.

A couple of years ago, my buddy took me and my girls’ off-roading in his 2018 Jeep Rubicon.

2018 Jeep Rubicon
This is affectionately known as Black Betty

He showed us some of the trails in the local area. Those videos are on my Daren Hillhouse Vlogs Channel

My Jeep Cherokee XJ

Last year, I added a new vehicle to the channel. I got a 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ. My girls and I have affectionately named her Betty White.  She will be the baddest broad around. I got it as a project.

1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ
This my 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ.

When I got the Jeep, I knew there was going to be some work involved.  I was excited to get to know more about the mechanics of cars and understand how they work. When I got the Jeep, the Head was torn off, the head was cracked and would need to be replaced.  in the time that I have had the jeep, we have replaced the head, water pump, radiator, and front axle.  The Jeep is an older jeep and needs some love.

The Future

As far as future vehicles, I’m not sure what we’ll add next.  It may be another Motorcycle, Jeep, or it may be a sportscar.  I’m not sure what the future holds right now, but I’m enjoying the vehicles that I have, and I love sharing them with you.  I hope you can stop by the YouTube channel and enjoy some good content, and leave a comment or two.

If you have any questions about the Kaotic Garage or any of our vehicles, please feel free to leave a comment.  You can also Contact Me and I’d be happy to respond.