Jeep XJ Engine

When we finally got a chance to take a good look at the Jeep XJ engine, we did find that there was a bit of surface rust. Several people let us know that it would never run.  The engine was seized and would need to be re-built. So we did what any other nerd would do and we went to the Internet.  We found some information that supported that theory.  However, we also found some information that gave us hope.

Jeep XJ Engine
This is the state of my engine before adding a chemical bath.

We cleaned up the rust with a mixture of chemicals.  With 3-4 cans of  PB Blaster in there, and let it soak through the cylinders.  We poured a mixture of oil and Marvel Mystery Oil and let that soak through. The mixture that worked the best was diesel mixed with some ATF(Transmission Fluid). We got the
cylinders soaking, and they soaked through the cylinder heads.

The Fan needs to come off.

We had to take off the fan to get to the crankshaft bolt. To do that, we got a special tool.  Even when we got that special tool, it didn’t work, so we had to modify it with a Dremel.  We were able to get the socket on the crankshaft bolt and turn it over.

Now that we have all the cylinders un-stuck and turning over, everything is ready to go back together. I have the head gasket chilling in my living room.  I have ordered a Head, and It will be delivered on Tuesday. Once we get it all put back together, the other things I need are spark plugs, wires, fluids, and a battery.  However, we’ll probably use one we have laying around to see if it will start.

Hopefully, this will work.

I’m really hopeful that it will all go smoothly.  It ran before they took it all apart, so it has a pretty good chance of working again.

One thing that makes me hopeful that we can get it running is Fred Williams from Dirt Every Day got an old 1950 JEEP CJ-3A! running with a bit of PB Blaster and some Elbow Grease.

Let me know what you think about the Jeep XJ Engine.  If you think the engine is a lost cause, or if it will run again.  Leave me a comment or you can Contact Me. and let me know what you think.

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