Jeep Cherokee XJ Water Pump


We finally got into the engine, we were cleaning things up, making sure everything was spinning properly and making sure it was all going to work once we got it back together.

Always going to be more problems

n the process, we found another problem that we didn’t account for, we found another piece of the puzzle that wasn’t spinning like it was supposed to.  We found out that the Jeep Cherokee XJ Water Pump was seized and not spinning.  We’re pretty sure that was the problem that started this whole thing.

We’re thinking the engine got hot because there was no coolant and they kept running it, til it got hot, overheated, and cracked the cylinder head.  We found out that it was easy to fix this problem. we had to replace the Jeep Cherokee XJ Water Pump.  Luckily we found a good deal on Amazon, we just had to wait for it to be delivered.

Jeep XJ Water Pump

We got the Jeep Cherokee XJ Water Pump swapped out fairly quickly. However, we found that the hose at the top has to go on with the water pump off.  We had to take the water pump off, and put that hose on.  Once the hose was on we were able to get it back on.

We got that all done, and we were feeling pretty accomplished.  We wanted to get the head-on, so we did that in the dark.  However, we found out that putting the cylinder head-on would have been easier without the water pump, and the hose attached.

We were able to get everything cleaned up and we got the head gasket put on. We also got the cylinder head on the engine. The next step is to start putting it all back together.

Making more progress

Once it’s all back together, we’re going to do a coolant flush.  We found some gunk in the coolant lines that we cleaned out.  It also leads us to believe there is more gunk in the engine that needs to be cleaned out. We’re thinking they may have tried a sealer to seal the crack/head gasket.

xj water pump

That about does it for now, we can’t wait to keep working on the Jeep Cherokee XJ. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Contact Me. You can also check the progress on the YouTube channel.

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